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Quick Hits #2 - Why Property?

This Quick Hits episode sees Jeremy tackles the question "Why Property" and there are some very compelling reasons as to Why Property!

We all l have an innate emotional connection to property. We touch and feel it every day as we live our lives surrounded and immersed in property.

We feel confident about property and at the end of the day, we lay our heads to rest, as a tenant, homeowner, or landlord.

But there is more than the emotional connection to property that answers the question Why Property?

Property is a uniquely attractive investment because:

It's less volatile than other growth assets

Banks love to lend money against property

You get paid to own it

The government WANTS you to own it

Increased human productivity ensures it will increase in value

The drivers of property prices can be defined.

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Property, Australia's Favourite Obsession
We can't get away from it - everybody has a connection to property, as a tenant, a homeowner or as a landlord; hence our obsession with it! And thats what the Podcast is about, the role of Real-Estate in our lives.