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James Pledge - The Valuer

James Pledge, the Valuer.

Jeremy and James discuss the integral role that a valuer provides and how and why different valuation methods can place varied prices on the same asset.

Further, they discuss the symbiotic relationship the valuation industry has with the banking sector and how during different stages of the Boom Bust cycle the banking sector will exhibit difference in lending appetite.

James has been involved in the valuation industry for over 30 years and is a Partner, Head of Valuations and Advisory of Knight Frank Valuation. Recently he was awarded Life Fellowship of the Australia Property Institute for his continued distinguished service.

James​ Pledge


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Property, Australia's Favourite Obsession
We can't get away from it - everybody has a connection to property, as a tenant, a homeowner or as a landlord; hence our obsession with it! And thats what the Podcast is about, the role of Real-Estate in our lives.

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Jeremy Calnan

I just love investments and I’m obsessed with property.

Ever since I was a young kid and mum used to take me along to open inspections, I’ve had a keen interest in property.

Discussion around our kitchen table used to regularly include the topic of property, I guess you could say it’s in my genes.

Having worked as an investment professional since the early 1990’s the GFC prompted me to ask the question “What causes the share market to crash at regular intervals”.

I found the answer to this question in the study of land economics, which surprised me, until I really thought about it, and then I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it sooner!

Once I understood land economics and the true drivers of the property market, I was provided with a unique insight into how property interacts with the credit and share markets.

More importantly, it brought me back to my obsession with property!

I live in the beautiful city of Adelaide with my wife Alice and my spare time is spent watching my two sons playing AFL football or just relaxing with family and friends.

Professionally I’m a director of Calnan Flack an Investment, Financial Advice and Education Company with my time divided between funds management and the creation of financial education for clients.

Contact Jeremy at jeremy@pafo.com.au

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