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Luke Howes - The FinTech Entrepreneur

This week Jeremy talks with Luke Howes, entrepreneur, innovator, start-up expert and former Board member and Treasurer of FinTech Australia about the newest industry impacting the property market - the FinTech’s.

With each new property cycle we see the emergence of new technologies and human advancements that continue to expand our productivity and the FinTech industry has been spawned out of the prodigious technological advancement the world is undertaking.

This cycle is being driven by a technology revolution and sitting in the box seat to drive this productivity wave is the FinTechs. They will revolutionise the economy as well as the financial and banking sector as we know it.

Do not underestimate the role the FinTech industry will play in the coming banking boom and the impact this will have on the property market.

To get in touch with Luke you can reach him through any of the below: › lukehowes

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Property, Australia's Favourite Obsession
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